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Generating TypeScript Interfaces & Types from Laravel Models

In most of the Laravel applications I work in, I primarily use Laravel as just an API and I have a separate front-end built with something like Vue, Nuxt, Next to handle all the client side. Recently I have also been using TypeScript within each one of these. I like to keep most of the intensive business logic within the Laravel application, but this sometimes would leave an issue for my client side application. Often when I made changes to a database table, or added some new attributes and relationships to my models, my front-end was last to be kept informed of these updates. Which left a lot of sloppy logic and unnecessary checks to see if data exists. With TypeScript we can be a little more strict on the structure of our data objects using types and interfaces. But that can be a lot to maintain, keeping both of your Laravel models updated and keeping your TypeScript interfaces in sync with those changes. Luckily there is a package to a solution for this!

To start off we can add a new package into your Laravel application

composer require --dev fumeapp/modeltyper

Once this packages has been successfully instead you will now have access to a new artisan command php artisan model:typer which will scan your model files and build a TypeScript interface for each one.

Say you have a Model app/Users/Models you will get an output like:

export interface User {
  // columns
  id: number
  email: string
  name: string
  created_at?: Date
  updated_at?: Date
  // mutators
  first_name: string
  initials: string
  // relations
  teams: Teams
export type Users = Array<User>

Once you run this command you can pipe the output to a file and use in your front-end to keep everything in sync.

php artisan model:typer > types/index.d.ts

You may also export some additional properties to these interfaces like enum casts, model attributes, and relationships. Check out the Docs and see what more you can do!